• “It is always exciting to see women venturing where few others have gone before. With Jennifer’s accomplishment, she expands the status quo, leading other female divers to believe anything is possible with determination, dedication, training, and heart. It is inspiring to see female leaders like Jennifer within the dive industry leading the next generation of women into new territories inside this sport.”

  • “Big dreams often start with small steps. We can all learn from Jennifer Idol’s transformative journey, even if we never get near the water.”

  • “Expeditions are rewarding in both the journey and the destination. Jennifer Idol describes the abundance of diving opportunities in the U.S. while discovering much greater truths about the environment and her passion to protect it for future generations. Her book is a beautiful montage of great images and captivating stories held together with life lessons and personal enlightenment. I highly recommend following her journey and then diving into your own local diving.”

  • “This is not about diving simply to check it off. It is about fulfilling a great idea and a wonderful quest and I recommend it highly. The photos are fabulous. The story is a fun read and an enjoyable way to learn about the value and variety of water in the USA.”

  • An American Immersion is a creative celebration of water but it is also a document and testimony of change as we enter the unpredictable world of climate change, drought, floods, and extreme weather.”

    David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes
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is a new American SCUBA Saga

by Ron Coley

“Saga: a modern heroic narrative resembling the Icelandic saga”

My recent travels led me to understand just how proud of their sagas the people of Iceland are, but I also discovered it was more than pride – it was important to them. Jennifer Idol has created a new American SCUBA saga. An American Immersion is a journal of adventure, commitment and endurance.

More than anything else it is the diversity of diving environments Jennifer presents that are important. Her message is clear. We must find, love and protect water where we find it. State-by-State, mile-by-mile, campsite-by-campsite she demonstrates a dedication to her cause. Her intent to present a quest that by design, was intended to grow into a larger goal. The goal “to raise the awareness for local waters” and in doing so discover America.

Along the way she is exposed to the country wide problem of invasive species and their threat to local habitats. She leaves us to ponder the consequences of the loss of biological diversity. Her eye for photography is tested by the need to turn the omnipresent array of garbage into visual art. Will local diving lead communities across this nation to start a dialog about zero waste? I can only hope the conversation leads to cultural sustainability and efforts to address the senseless over packaging of commercial goods?

Following Jennifer Idol as the years and the miles move by it becomes obvious that she deliberately chose a journal structure to document her adventure because of the way it would record her personal growth. Better diver, better photographer becomes the better observer/storyteller. In Jennifer’s words, “I transformed from a designer and underwater photographer into a conservation artist”. 

Jennifer chooses to end her journey with a very uplifting message and spiritual question: “END – Make it happen!” when your done you have to ask yourself “Where will the next adventure lead?”

It is a great pleasure and privilege for me to review Jennifer Idol’s An American Immersion, her very personal adventure quest of diving all 50 of the United States of America. I am – “totally immersed.”

–Ron Coley


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